Does boredom lead to trouble?

Thesis:Boredom can cause trouble in people that do not know how to deal with boredom in safe practical ways.
Questions:Does Boredom Lead To Trouble?
Can Boredom be avoided?

Is trouble the only solution to boredom?
Does boredom effect everyone?
Is it ok to get into trouble when bored?
What are some other effective cures to boredom?


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Several days ago, surfing the Net, I came across a news item which told a story of a seventeen-year-old guy who had attempted a burglary. When he was asked why he had done it, the youngster answered that he simply had nothing to do and decided to see if he would manage to open the lock of his neighbor’s front door. So, the reason for his crime was a mere boredom. I was so shocked with the news, that could not but think about it. Can boredom lead to trouble? Unfortunately, we must admit that it is true.

If teenagers are bored, they may start hanging out with a bad company just because it would seem to bring some entertainment. The same motivation can make them try and use cigarettes, alcoholic drinks or even drugs. Boredom often makes young people do something illegal to get their share of adrenaline. If they are clever, they can become computer hackers, creating new viruses or cracking the systems of multinational companies and governmental organizations. This helps them train their brain and get their doze of emotions. If youths are not that intelligent, they may commit some crime, just because they think it would make them feel excited. And finally, even if a bored teenager stays at home and watches TV, this can still lead to trouble, but of a different kind. They may adopt a couch potato life style and spoil their health by a limited amount of movements and an excessive amount of junk food and TV viewing.
So, boredom can definitely have a lot of negative outcomes. If parents want to help their children to overcome this difficult stage, they should make them interested in sport, theater, cinema, as well as provide time when they can communicate with friends.

We all may think different reasons of why and why not boredom does or doesn't get us into trouble. Well, in my opinion, I think boredom may lead to trouble. I think this because, when you get bored you to always want to do things, and once you finally found something, it's something that'll get you into trouble. For example, a kid decides to explore their house, and then BAM, your mother/father is yelling at you because maybe you broke something or you weren't suppose to go in that room. These are my following reasons why I think boredom might get you into trouble.

I think boredom may lead to trouble in my opinion because, lots of teens and preteens hang out with friends, and sometimes do stupid things. I think this because, since they were bored at home all day, and finally getting out with your friends, makes you wanna do dumb things or act stupid and could lead you into big trouble.

And, usually when your bored, you get mad because, your bored.When you get mad, and someone says something to you, you might just burst at them yelling. So, it may make you have fights with you parents or siblings and so you may get grounded or something. And usually if that happens, you get even more mad and just explode and can't handle yourself.

Lastly, you could yourself into to, because sometimes when people are bored they just eat and eat, so now your leading you could be leading yourself into health issues and its making you gain weight. And it'll be hard for you to loose it or may cause some serious medical issues. Which could be very dangerous on some circumstances, if it's very serious towards that person.

I just think, sometimes people gotta be careful of what they are putting themselves into, and should really think back and question themselves, should I do this? Or should I not? There may be some other positive ways to not get yourself into trouble, but usually and these days, boredom is now getting taken seriously from some of those dumb choices people are doing. So, don't get mad if your bored, and try to be positive to actually think of things to do, like, painting because, you could get very creative with many paintings. And I guarantee, if you think positive and do the right choices, it'll keep you away from trouble. So what im saying is, make wise choices for any decision's that you make.

Boredom and peer pressure - these are the big culprits when it comes to teenage drinking, drugs, sex and violence. So say 5000 Newfoundland teenagers in a study released on Wednesday. Those same teenagers say they've never needed their parents more.
They're young, impressionable, and at risk - high school students looking for things to do. Five thousand of them on the Eastern Avalon, Burin and Bonavista Peninsulas were asked why many get into trouble. Many said things like, "It's isolated here, there's nowhere to go, the biggest store here is the size of a house, there's nothing to do, people are going to get into stuff."
Drinking, smoking, drugs, sex, even property damage - those are the traps teens fall into, according to a recent study. Dr. Catherine Donovan, the co-ordinator of the study, says, "one of the things that surprised me was the number of young men who had damaged property, more than 50% of them had." But Donovan says for every negative surprise, there was a positive one. Like the fact that almost 80% of the students said they had a positive adult influence in their lives. And that, more than anything, will reduce the risk of giving in to temptation. Donovan cites parents setting clear rules and following up when they're not followed, and knowing where their children are, as examples of parental behaviour that keeps teens out of trouble. And there's one mistake adults should avoid now. A teen says, 'People have this opinion that when teens get together not doing anything beneficial - when they get together on the weekend - they're gonna be bad." "A lot of it has to do with how well you're educated, at home and at school, you know what's going on around you. Ask questions and you'll know the difference between right and wrong," says another teen.

When I was younger I used to shoplift when I was bored, not because I needed what I shoplifted, just because the shop that I did it in, has no cameras or enough staff to stop me. Not that I condone anyone shoplifting these-days. The problem is finding something constructive to do when your bored.

Many youths would rather drink alcohol and get laid instead of finding something constructive to do. and by that I don't mean make babies, although that is constructive.

There are plenty of clubs around and communities to get involved in the thing is most of the people who cause the trouble cant be bothered to find something to do.

So in short, no, boredom isn't the cause of trouble but the lack of anything better to do for those who cannot be bothered to find something to do.

Have you ever thought of boredom? Did you experience that kind of feeling when every hour seems uneventful? Could “doing nothing at all” lead to boredom?

Everyone at one time has experienced some degree of boredom. Children are usually the quickest to say “I’m bored”, but as adults, we experience it, too. Adults are not as easily entertained as children. It is natural for adults to lose interest in something after doing it for a long period of time. So, eventually, adults lose interest in many things that they once enjoyed. Boredom is something that has its role in our life. Everyone can be in boredom, and everyone should be bored.

Don’t you sometimes wonder why you feel bored? It may be a feeling of laziness, weaknesses, or even a lack of mental motivation. Boredom is a state in which we feel tired and slightly annoyed by a certain situation that we find not interesting, exciting or even entertaining. According to Adrian Savage “being bored turns your mind inward and encourages reflection. When you’re rushing about, there’s no time to think. When you bored, there’s nothing else to do but to think”.

People of varying ages have different perception about boredom. Some say it leads to trouble; while others say it doesn’t.

Boredom commonly leads us to strange behavior. People who are bored are not interested in what they are doing. People naturally do not like being bored. They want to be interested in what they are doing. But this does not happen always. It sometimes depends on how an individual cope with boredom and how he/she responds to something that causes boredom. Several people say boredom can inspire people to seek them out in various ways such a making purposeful activities and essential to creativity that perceive to be really meaningful in their lives. On the other hand, other says it can lead to trouble. For them, boredom can make our mind wonder off different things, and you tend to start thinking way too much. Boredom feed our mind thoughts and unfortunately, if these thoughts are bad it can develop and the tendency is, we will act this out. Examples alcohol abuse, drug addiction, compulsive gambling, smoking, vandalism, sex, damage property and some may even pursue serious crimes that anything to cure their boredom state. I would like to point out the real reasons why people are bored.

For me, boredom can lead to trouble. Why? Because when we get bored, it is possible that we try to find something more exciting. Here are some activities we usually do when we get bored. First, boredom con often lead to partying. In time, if teens think that they have nothing better to do, they may drink alcohol and also take some drugs. This type of endless boredom also happens more to men and people with brain injuries and certain psychotic disorders. For drug addicts, fighting boredom can foresee their success in kicking their habit as well. Others go to the nightclubs, to bars and out dancing. Second, boredom can lead to harassment. Many teens and per-teens (but not all) like chatting. Especially aged 11-17, if they get bored they decided to “stalk someone”, or check out their profile. It might start of harmless to them.

Research statistics survey [sources:] results of over 400 high school students indicate that 9% say boredom is a real or serious problem in their lives and 17% note that they are somewhat or completely dissatisfied with their lives

What is boring for teenagers?

  • 89% said homework is very boring
  • 85% said school itself
How they feel when they bored?

  • 77% said they are “tired”
  • 63% said “lonely”
  • 46% said “sad”
  • 32% said “angry”
Although boredom is not a crisis for most teenagers, it is a regular occurrence in their lives. What do they think will ease boredom?

  • 34% believed that it is the teenager’s responsibility to resolve boredom when it occurs.
  • 33% suggest that the community and schools are obliged to solve the problem for teenagers by supplying activities, a youth center, or parties.
  • 20% Say that if they had more freedom they would not be bored.
  • 5% also asked for lower drinking ages and the legalization of drugs.
Here some suggestions how to avoid boredom:

show what you really want to do

interact with other people

Make some lists of your tasks

keep you busy

volunteer to different chores

Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you find fulfilling in with all your heart, live for it, die for it and you will find happiness that you thought could never be yours.

Because boredom can lead you into trouble it is advised that boredom should be avoided. Everyone should find gainful activity to spend time.